Modèles de réussite

lundi, 29 janvier 2024 14:26

DCM | The Drawing Specialists

"With KLCFDC's support, we hired 3 full-time software engineers, a business excellence expert, and a data specialist, invested in support software solutions, user flow, and HubSpot. We brought in health benefits for our team, and improved recruitment efforts. Our partnership with KLCFDC has been invaluable, and we look forward to continued growth and success." 

- Darryl Mitchell, Co-CEO DCM

The KLCFDC funding provided fuel for DCM’s current rapid growth trajectory, enabling them to onboard more team members, attract additional investors, and secure funds. As a rapidly growing global company, the funds received from KLCFDC supported several essential business needs required to scale and enhance operations.

With recruitment a priority, five full-time staff were added to the team; enabling the company to expand its capabilities, improve its products, and ultimately better serve its customers. The funding also supported recruitment efforts more broadly, allowing the company to position itself as a desirable place to work and attract high-quality candidates locally and beyond.

Part of attracting top talent is cultivating a strong culture and committing to employee well-being. As a result of the support, a comprehensive health benefits package was introduced to the team.

To improve operations, an investment in invaluable business solutions and software, like HubSpot, was able to be made. These supports have streamlined work flow, making it easier for the team to collaborate, track progress, and manage customer relationships