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jeudi, 16 mars 2023 09:32

Beking's Organic Inc.

“The CFDC has been very engaging and worked with us to find the right resources to support our business through these challenging times. Their staff were very helpful and guided us through every step of the process."

Grenville CFDC

Grenville CFDC is a community-based, nonprofit organization funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. Our mission is investing in jobs, businesses and innovation in our community.

About Beking’s Poultry Farm 

Beking’s Poultry Farm is a family owned and operated farm that has been passed down for three generations. The farm was established by Gerrit Beking in the 1960s with a small flock that he managed with his two sons, John and Albert. Gerrit began selling the eggs by delivering to homes in the Ottawa South and Kemptville regions. As John and Albert became more involved in the business, John took over the farming operation and Albert expanded deliveries across Eastern Ontario. With Albert’s passing in 1998, John and his family took over both the farming and distribution of eggs.

Since 2014 Beking’s Poultry Farm has started to transition to the third generation with David Beking stepping in to run the business alongside Kris Beking and Colleen Ford. Although we have grown over the past fifty years, we continue to use the same natural cage-free farming methods that our Grandfather used. We work hard each day to ensure the highest quality of life for our hens and strive to deliver the best eggs for our customers. After all, a healthy and happy hen produces a fantastic egg. We hope you enjoy our eggs.