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jeudi, 31 mars 2022 16:45

Northern Rural Net

"It is our belief that this project will benefit the whole community by providing the residents and business owners in Coe Hill, ON the means to transition to a rural digital economy. " Lucas Balemba, Owner

Project Description:

This project was developed in cooperation with the local municipality to bring affordable high speed internet to their community. Access to this has been a priority for the municipality, business owners and residents for a number of years and has been identified as a barrier to growth within the region.

Northern Rural Net will develop the infrastructure to develop affordable high speed internet access and will work with private landowners and the municipality to create a hub. The project will support the costs related to the installation of a tower system from key points throughout the village and will be set up in a manner that allows for expansion in the future.

The project will allow businesses to grow and support the adoption of new technology not currently available to them. As well, it will support lone eagles working remotely, assist with the retention of youth and efforts to attract new residents to the area.

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Business Description:

Telacor is a telecommunications company with customers across Canada and the USA. Northern Rural Net (a subsidiary of Telacor) provides affordable high-speed internet and phone services to residential and commercial customers.  Both have worked extensively with rural and / or isolated communities to provide internet in communities such as Whitney, Hearst, Deep River and Madawaska.

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