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Network Administrator/Bookkeeper

Through leadership and partnership, Community Futures Eastern Ontario (Network Inc.), represents a network of 15 participating not for profit Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) in rural eastern Ontario. Managed by experienced professionals, we work to strengthen the area's regional economy at a community level by supporting innovation, business growth, and diversification. Guided by a Board of Directors made up of Community Futures representatives, we act as one regional voice to enhance the profile, reach, and impact of the Community Futures program across rural southeastern Ontario.

Community Futures Eastern Ontario (CFEO) is seeking a Network Administrator. This person will be responsible for the overall administration of the CFEO office, including, but not limited to bookkeeping, reporting, data input and program administration. The Network Administrator reports to the Executive Director and will liaise closely with the CFEO Board of Directors and CFDC Offices.

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Part-time Positions

Marketing & Communications Student

Community Futures Eastern Ontario is seeking a Marketing & Communications Student, responsible for growing the network’s profile through digital media and sharing the multitude of local economic development stories stemming from our member offices. The Marketing & Communications Student will work directly with our team to develop social media content, blog posts, website development, and Search Engine Optimization.

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Volunteer Opportunities 


Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation (SOFII) Investment Review Committee (IRC) Volunteer Recruitment 

Dear Interested Volunteer,

Established in 2012, The Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation (SOFII) is a self-sufficient fund that provides loans of up to $1M to innovative high growth businesses looking for capital to scale operations for late-stage commercialization activities or new product, service, technology development. Funded by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FDO), SOFII is present in both southeastern and southwestern Ontario. The Community Futures Eastern Ontario (CFEO) Network has received $30M to deliver this program across southeastern Ontario which has impacted over 100 companies and disbursed more than $50 million in loans over the last 10 years. The program, beyond the mandates found on the website, is committed to investing in businesses run by women, Indigenous peoples, newcomers, youth (under 39 years old) and those who are in rural communities. 

More information about SOFII can be found at:

The SOFII Investment Review Committee (IRC) of CFEO is a Committee of the CFEO Board of Directors and plays a significant role in operations of the SOFII program. The IRC reviews and recommends to the CFEO Network Board of Directors (Board), who is the governing body of the SOFII program.  The IRC is expected to recommend whether an applicant should or should not be funded. In making its recommendation to the Board, the IRC assesses the feasibility, from varied industry and professional viewpoints, on whether an applying business will be likely to succeed if provided with funding from the SOFII program.  Prior to applicants appearing before the IRC, they have undergone a thorough underwriting process of program compliance and financial stability which allows the IRC to focus primarily on management strength and overall business market feasibility.

The IRC is comprised of up to 10 members with a wide array of backgrounds and skills. Members of the IRC are asked to attend all SOFII meetings that occur (once per month). In addition, the relevant loan application documentation is sent out a week in advance, and each member of the IRC is expected to review it before the meeting. The total time commitment is typically between 8-14 hours each month. This includes 6-12 hours individually reviewing the application and 2 hours to attend the meeting. However, time commitment may vary depending on application volume and complexity. 

CFEO is looking for expressions of interest from volunteers to fill vacant spots on the IRC.  The organization is committed to diversity and to having an IRC that represents the communities that it serves.  The IRC is looking for members with broad skills and perspectives to be able to assess the wide range of applications from a diverse range of industries that SOFII receives.   Skill sets that will help CFEO, the SOFII program and the IRC to meet its mandate include, but are not limited to, areas such as technology, finance, healthcare, legal, entrepreneurship and environmental, social and governance (ESG). 

For additional information and to request an application form, please email Michelle Cathers, CFEO SOFII Program Manager at . Applications should also include a cover letter and your resume.   The cover letter should clearly articulate why you want to be part of CFEO’s SOFII IRC.  The deadline to receive applications is October 15, 2022.

We will also host an information session prior to the deadline date above for anyone that wants to discuss the opportunity. Those selected for interviews will be contacted shortly after the application deadline with the intent to have new members join the committee in late 2022.