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Success Stories

We are proud to showcase selected success stories from across our Network of 15 CFDCs. These stories are updated continuously to highlight all areas across Eastern Ontario.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Grenville Community Futures Development Corporation really took the time to listen to our story.
The support the Northumberland CFDC provided us came at the right time, injecting energy into our product.
Purchasing 3D printers and 3D scanners allowed Rideau Orthodontic to expand their product offering and approach clients that they were…
We had the opportunity to take this to a lot of different communities but we really want to be part…
This combined investment will assist us in taking MPIQC to the next level.
We are here to assist local start up and existing businesses with financing to bolster the local economy and cast…
Document Conversion Management Inc. converts hospitals’ paper blueprints to digital, it also hosts and provides secure storage of the information…
With funding help from Community Futures an idea turned into a reality.
I received support from the CFDC in developing (the) business and helping to finance the purchase of the CNC Lathe.
It is partners like this that allow us to continue our journey in realizing our mandate of becoming part of…
If Community Futures had not been able to provide funding, SRB would have closed.
Without EODP funding, NobleGen would never had the opportunity to move to the next stage.
The funding and management support that we have received from South Lake CFDC was instrumental in getting this community based project up and…